Celebrate Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an amazing city, no matter what is happening, filled with historical buildings, amazing art, great theater, delicious food, and exciting events. This week the main event is the Democratic National Convention. And while most of us aren’t delegates and won’t get into the Wells Fargo Center, by the sports arenas, where the Convention is being held (amidst massive security), there are more than a few public events and activities happening in Center City.

There are 57 painted Donkeys Around Town, one fiberglass donkey for each of the 50 states, 5 territories, Washington, D.C.  and Democrats Abroad. Each one is unique, painted by an artist connected with the Mural Arts Project and Art Jawn.There are maps to track them down, if you prefer to be methodical in your search rather than allow serendipity to guide you. And if you need more motivation, you can also  download Scavify and earn prizes while hunting  for #DonkeysAroundTown. The donkeys will remain on display through September 9, 2016.

PoliticalFest, “a celebration of U.S. Political History,” opens this weekend; one ticket grants you entrance to special exhibits containing interactive activities, displays, historical documents and memorabilia (George Washington’s life mask, and Abraham Lincoln’s death mask, handwritten letters, and a replica of Air Force One, for example). If the heat gets too much for walking around, you can use that ticket to  ride a special Phlash bus going between the seven museums.


On the other hand, if you’d like to do more walking, in addition to the usual historical walking tours offered in the city (some free courtesy of the National Park Service, some not), two new tours are being offered for political junkies this week;

Feel the Bern:

Walk with the people and discover the early populist moments that continue to define our city. Your guide will take you to a church where the 1% prayed with the other 99%, inside an 18th-century house on a typical working-class block, and into the heart of the big bank era in Philadelphia. Grab your sunscreen and feel the Bern on your summer walk through this great neighborhood.

and I’m With Her:

This Hillary-inspired stroll in the 18th-century capital city reveals the prominent women of Philadelphia and their role in the founding of our nation. Discover how smart, ambitious women who couldn’t vote for anyone or be elected to anything wielded great influence. From the impact of our first First Ladies, to the evolution of healthcare in early America, to the impact of women’s suffrage, we explore Philly’s role in this historic moment at the 2016 DNC.

There is much more going on later this week – check back tomorrow to learn more!

As for me, I’m heading into Philadelphia this morning for my first shift volunteering at PoliticalFest – I’ll be at the Library Company of Philadelphia today, founded by Ben Franklin in 1731. The Library Company served as the Library of Congress from the time of the Revolutionary War until 1800.

During the Democratic National Convention (July 22-28), the Library Company will be one of seven Philadelphia sites to host special events and exhibitions for delegates and visitors.

Special exhibitions will showcase a life mask of George Washington, death mask of Abraham Lincoln, various presidential locks of hair, and rare books, graphics, and manuscripts about our nation’s founding, women in American politics, and 19th-century African-American political conventions.



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