October 1st – Area 2 Democrats’ “Ox Roast”

oxroast2017Once upon a time, the Upper Perkiomen Democratic Club held an annual fall “Ox Roast” at Isaac Smith Park in Green Lane, PA. In the days preceding the event, local Democratic volunteers would be busy chopping veggies for homemade clam chowder, shucking corn for corn on the cob. and making all sorts of homemade cakes and cookies for dessert and for the cake walk (a kind of musical chairs fundraiser where the winner got to take home a cake!) On the day of the event, volunteers would take turns working in the kitchen heating up the roast beef for hot sandwiches, and serving other good tasting food. The birch beer and beer were both in kegs and self-serve. This was always a good time and a good day to catch up with visiting Democratic candidates and politicians, as well as with your like minded neighbors and friends.

But those days are long gone, and for several years now, the Area 2 Democratic Committee has taken up the fall tradition, albeit with their own modern twists. Local, county, and state Democratic politicians and candidates still come out to our corner of the county to meet and greet local democrats at the “Ox Roast” and there is still plenty of good food (most of it now catered, but just as tasty), and I am told there is still the occasional “cake walk.” The venue has changed – it is now held at Macoby Run Golf Course, 5275 McLean Road (still in Green Lane, however!), and local musicians play their tunes and add to the merriment. It is still held outdoors, and there is still a covered pavilion for protection from the elements; the event will be held rain or shine on Sunday, October 1st, 2017.

Best bet to insure that there is enough food and drink for all is to buy your ticket in advance; $40 per person, guests 18 and under are free – so bring the whole family! RSVP to area2dems@gmail.com   and make your check payable to Area 2 Dems and mail it to Area 2 Dems, PO Box 33, Green Lane, PA or use Paypal (link on Area 2 Facebook page)

FAIR Districts Pa Events (end gerrymandering movement)

Several local informational events have been scheduled by and for FAIR Districts PA, who will talking about gerrymandering (drawing congressional and state house district lines based on party voter registration to restrict/deny competitive races); How To Make Your Vote Count. 

New comers and current members are welcome!
Join FDPA Montgomery County for a presentation about gerrymandering in Pennsylvania and learn about the ways you can help reform the redistricting process. There will be a brief presentation and then, based on attendance and interest areas, we will break into 2 to 5 groups. This will be a great way to meet other members in your district. You will learn about the various ways we are engaging legislators and the media to draw attention to the need for redistricting reform.

Lansdale Public Library (301 Vine St, Lansdale, PA)  – Wednesday, September 20, 2017; 7 p.m.

Pottstown Public Library (500 E High St, Pottstown, PA) – Tuesday, September 26, 2017; 7 p.m.

Upper Perkiomen Valley Library (350 Main St, Red Hill, PA) – Wednesday, September 27, 2017; 7 p.m.

While the current occupant of the White House and the members of the Republican Party in Congress have record low approval ratings, and current predictions and polling show Democrats getting the majority of the votes in 2018 midterm elections, it is still quite possible that the Republicans will retain control of the House due to gerrymandered districts. This is why the districts were drawn and why it is so important to both win state house races (in most states, the state legislature draws the district lines every 10 years, after the census count) and to revisit and change who and how congressional districts are created.

Check out these articles; Democrats are projected to win more than 54% of the vote in the 2018 House elections, but only pick up 12 seats thanks to heavily gerrymandered Congressional districts. and this New Yorker article and book review about how, while gerrymandering has always been around to some degree, the Republicans took it to an all new, unprecedented level of distortion and contortion (which accounts for the most bizarre looking districts crossing county lines and dividing neighborhoods); Drawing the Line: How redistricting turned America from blue to red.



Upper Perk School Board Candidate Events

The public is invited to a “Kickoff Event” in support of John Gehman (write-in candidate), Judy Maginnis, Will Pike, and Jon Warren, on Wednesday evening, September 13, 2017. The event begins at 6 p.m. at Butter Valley Golf Course, 3243 Gehman Road, Barto, PA. Gehman, Maginnis, Pike, and Warren are running as a team in this November’s election for the Upper Perkiomen School Board; all four support the building of a new middle school in the Upper Perkiomen school district.

A “Meet the Candidates Night” sponsored by the PTFS (Parents and Teachers for Students) is scheduled for next Wednesday, September 20, 2017 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Education Center, 2229 E. Buck Road, Pennsburg, PA. This event is open to the public. All Upper Perkiomen School Board candidates have been invited to participate; Gehman, McGinnis, Pike, and Warren all plan to attend.

“Hate Has No Home Here” Signs

People were happy to see us at East Greenville Community Day on Saturday. We made some new friends, several of whom signed up to be on the UPDC mailing list, and one or two who needed new voter registration forms. The “Hate Has No Home” signs were a big hit – we ran out of signs before we ran out of folks who were hoping to get one for their front yard!

If you were hoping to get a sign for your yard, please email us and we’ll order a few more (it generally takes about a week). While I can’t promise that we can afford to give more away, I can promise that the sign will only cost $5.


Fall Plans for UPDC!

The start of fall is not just when pumpkins, and pumpkin spice, becomes all to prevalent, but when the Upper Perkiomen Democratic Club (UPDC) becomes more of a public presence in the Upper Perkiomen Valley. Despite what some in our area might think, there are many democrats living and working (and voting) in the area and we need to let folks know we are here!

As we have for nearly 20 years, UPDC volunteers will be setting up a Voter Registration and Information Table on Main Street in East Greenville for Community Day. Community Day this year is on Saturday, September 9, 2017. Stop by and say hello, and pick up a balloon, or a pen, or a Hate Has No Home here sign!

All local democrats are invited to join us on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 for our first UPDC meeting of the fall at the Upper Perkiomen Public Library, 350 Main Street, Red Hill, PA (in the lower level; parking available in the back lot, as well as street parking on Main Street). The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Items on the agenda include the upcoming Halloween Parade and the November elections.

The UPDC has had an entry in the annual Upper Perkiomen Halloween Parade since 2000! Last year, instead of walking alongside our donkey, we rode on the float, and that is our plan again this year.Thousands of people line the parade route along Main Street from Red Hill to East Greenville and this is one more opportunity to make it known that the Democratic Party is still here, still fighting and standing up for what we believe, and to let local democrats know that they are not alone. And yes, we’ll also be giving away a lot of candy to the kids along the sidelines!

East Greenville Community Day, September 9, 2017!

Unlike other states in our country, it looks like Pennsylvania will have sunny days and dry weather over the weekend. Which means, among other things, that the Upper Perkiomen Democratic Club will be setting up our Voter Registration Table first thing Saturday morning, September 9th, along Main Street in East Greenville (no, we don’t know exactly where – the borough likes to surprise us by assigning spots that day; probably between the borough hall and Art on Main). Look for the signs, bunting, canopy, and balloons – yes, we’ll be handing out blue balloons again this year, along with UPDC pens. We have voter registration forms (for your neighbor, friends, and relatives who meant to vote last year or just turned 18 or just moved into the area) and absentee ballot request forms. We also bought a dozen “Hate Has No Home Here” signs to give away tomorrow – first come, first serve!

Even though these are dark political times, it is important to let people know we aren’t going away and we are taking a stand for what we as a party and country believe in. And also remember, local elections matter! From school board to town supervisors to local and state judgeships to state races to House and Senate races to the White House – they all matter! So vote in November (and next year in the primaries and again in November 2018, and beyond!). And stop by the UPDC table between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday to say hi to our volunteers!