Thank You

This has been a very hard day. But I have no regrets about the effort we put forth to try and win the election. Hillary Clinton did everything possible to win this race. The ground campaign; the local organizers and volunteers were amazing and couldn’t have worked harder or longer. All the candidates up and down the ballot spent endless hours making phone calls, knocking on doors, going to events large and small to meet the voters and make their case as to why they should be elected to office. That so many Democrats lost this election is no fault of ours or theirs. The majority of voters wanted something else, chose another direction. And now we take a deep breath, rest, gather our strength, and, after some time has passed, begin again.

Thank you to all who volunteered making phone calls and canvassing for Hillary Clinton for President. Thank you to the volunteers who put together an amazing Halloween float and donated bags and bags of candy for us to hand out the night of the parade. Thank you to those who stood at the polls and who went all around the area putting up signs. Thank you for your monetary donations and for moral support of our cause, of the candidates, of the Democratic Party, and of the Upper Perkiomen Democratic Club. Thank you for voting.
We will continue to fight the good fight for our Democratic values and beliefs.

3 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Thank you all for the wonderful effort that was put forth by all of you. I am so happy to have met you all and will continue my connections with Montgomery County-so organized-so perfect-and I am so appreciative and thank you. With all that said, I have decided that God willing I will run again in 2018. Democratically yours, JOanne Jackson


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