Polls open from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Remember, vote Democrat up and down the ballot -President Hillary Rodham Clinton will need a Senate and House of Representatives who will work with her!

East Greenville – Open Link/Upper Perk Senior Center, 517 Jefferson Street

Pennsburg – Pennsburg Borough Hall, 76 West Sixth Street (by the Police Station)

Red Hill – Red Hill Borough Hall, 56 West Fourth Street (by Red Hill Park)

Green Lane – Green Lane Ambulance Assoc., 209 Walnut Street

Marlborough Township – Marlborough Township Building, 6040 Upper Ridge Road

Upper Hanover 1 – Upper Perkiomen Educ. Center, 2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg

Upper Hanover 2 – St. Philip Neri Church, 1325 Klinerd Road, Pennsburg

Upper Hanover 3 – Palm Schwenkfelder Church, 883 Gravel Pike Road (Route 29), Palm

Upper Hanover Township voting districts – map

Still not sure? The Polling Place Search will help you locate the polling place for a given residential address. Begin by typing the county of residence. After the county has been selected, the city field will activate, allowing you to enter a city. Then enter the street name and the house number.

Beautiful Day for a Parade!

Okay, so maybe Upper Perk’s Halloween Parade doesn’t start until this evening at 6 p.m. (Quakertown’s Parade is earlier this afternoon, 2 p.m.), but it should be a lovely crisp and clear autumn night – and the Upper Perkiomen Democratic Club, along with Area 2 Democrats, and Democratic candidates, will be in the very first division! The Upper Perk Parade starts off from the Red Hill Fire Company, and goes along Main Street through the three towns, ending at the East Greenville Fire Company at 4th and Washington Street.

If you’d like to be part of the parade, dress up in red, white, and blue, or as a scarecrow, or perhaps as a Secret Service official (NO toy guns or toy weapons) – just remember “when they go low, we go high” – and meet up with our group in front of the Red Hill Fire Company at 5 p.m.  There is very limited parking at the start of the parade, so people are encouraged to park by the East Greenville Fire Company and take a free shuttle bus between the fire companies (shuttles start around 4:45 p.m.)

Yard Signs!

We have a limited number of Clinton/Kaine signs, some Josh Shapiro for Attorney General signs, a very few Joanne Jackson for State Representative signs, and by Monday night we will have a few Katie McGitny for Senate signs.

If you’d like some for your front yard, you may pick them up at any time in East Greenville. In a few cases we may even deliver! Show your support and let “secret supporters” in town know that they aren’t alone.

Email for more information or to reserve a sign – all free!

Support Democratic Candidate Joanne Jackson, and then join us for the Vice Presidential Debate Watch Party!

Joanne Jackson is the Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 131st District (this district includes Upper Hanover, East Greenville, Pennsburg, and Red Hill), and she has been a frequent visitor to the Upper Perk Valley, and to the UPDC meetings and activities. We are happy and proud to be supporting her campaign and so we are dedicating this Tuesday night’s Debate Watch Party to helping her get elected to the PA State House this November.

On the evening of the Vice-Presidential Debate, Tuesday, October 4th, we will be phone banking for Joanne Jackson, who will be joining us that evening in East Greenville. The phone banking starts at 7 p.m. and will continue until 8:30 p.m. (when we’ll be breaking out the main refreshments and getting settled to watch the debate) The debate begins at 9 p.m. All democrats, and democratic supporters, are invited to join us at 124 Washington Street, East Greenville for all or part of the evening, whether it is to make phone calls or to watch the debate with like-minded folks.

And if Tuesday doesn’t fit into your schedule, Joanne Jackson is hosting phone banks every Monday night from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. at 4195 Estates Drive, Center Valley, PA, working to get out the vote and win the election against the incumbent Republican in the 131st.

Joanne is also planning a Weekend of Action, October 15 and 16th, 2016.Volunteers are needed to make phone calls, and for door to door canvassing, from noon – 4 p.m. each afternoon. If you can give even an hour of your time, it would be a great  help! Contact Kelly


Meet and Greet – Rachel Hendricks

Voters in Marlborough and Green Lane are invited to an informal gathering to meet Rachel Hendricks, the candidate for State Representative of the 147th Legislative District.

The event will take place at the home of Joan Smith, 4012 East Campbell Road, Pennsburg, PA, on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Voters will have an opportunity to hear Rachel’s ideas for tackling issues in Harrisburg, and to share their concerns and ask questions of the candidate.

This event is only for folks living in Marlborough and Green Lane (the only part of our area in the 147th District).To insure that there will be enough snacks, desserts, and other refreshments, please R.S.V.P. by September 17th by calling or emailing Joan Smith – of course, you can take your chances and just drop in on Saturday!

phone: 215-679-7101


Saturday’s “Labor Day Celebration” and Candidate Fundraiser!


On Saturday, September 3, 2016, Democrat Joanne Jackson, who has been stopping by UPDC meetings and Upper Perk events on a regular basis since announcing her candidacy for PA State Representative, is planning what sounds like a fun and festive “Labor Day Celebration” in Emmaus at the beautiful and historic Farmhouse at Buena Vista, 3501 Main Road, Emmaus, Pa.

Live music will be provided by the James Supra Blues Band and the food is courtesy of Bad Bones BBQ. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 3rd between the hours of 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Tickets are $50. RSVP Kelly Bauer 610-217-3751 or email

Remember, local and state elections matter, and make as much, if not more, of an impact on our day to day lives!

Hillary Clinton Campaign Office in Allentown!

What will most likely be the nearest Democratic Campaign office to the Upper Perkiomen Valley opened on the 500 block of Hamilton Street in Allentown, PA last week. Paid staffers and volunteers will be working out of this office to elect Hillary Clinton, along with working for Democrats running for state and federal offices. Phone banks and voter canvass operations, among other activities, will be organized and held at this location, so anyone interested in volunteering to get Democrats elected this November are encouraged to stop by and see how and when they can volunteer.

The Pennsylvania Democrat Committee and the Democratic National Committee are coordinating their efforts, and their campaign offices. Another office was recently opened in Norristown, at 9 South Forest Avenue. And paid Democratic organizer Carolyn Lee is working out of Harleysville to coordinate volunteer efforts in our immediate area.

Because Harrisburg Matters, Too!

Because what happens in Harrisburg is often as important as what happens in Washington, D.C., among elected officials, we need your help to elect Democrats to the PA State House. Joanne Jackson is running for State Representative in the 131st District (this district includes Upper Hanover, East Greenville, Pennsburg, and Red Hill). Rachel Hendricks is running for State Representative in the 147th District (this district includes Marlborough Township and Green Lane).

Rachel Hendricks’ campaign is knocking on doors and canvassing in Lower Salford this weekend. The following information was sent out by the campaign. If you are able and interested in volunteering, this weekend, August 6th and 7th, you can show up at the parking lot at Hennings Market, 290 Main Street, Harleysville and/or email Rachel –

We will be meeting in the Henning’s parking lot (Harleysville, in the back towards the bank) at 10 am on Saturday and canvassing until around 3.
We will be meeting in the same place on Sunday at 11 am.
If you want to volunteer, but can’t meet at those times, I can send a volunteer to meet you when you are available. I can also email you PDF lists that you can walk on your own (I will need the completed lists back ASAP for entry though) Even an hour of knocking would be a big help to the campaign!
You can save yourself some cooking and support Joanne Jackson by going out to dinner on Wednesday, August 17th, 2017 at Louie’s Restaurant in Allentown.
Louie's (3)

Ted Cruz is right!

Last night, Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and said,

That’s really what elections should be about. That’s why you and millions like you devoted so much time and sacrifice to this campaign. We’re fighting not for one particular candidate, or one campaign, but because each of wants to be able to tell our kids and grandkids, our own Caroline’s, that we did our best for their future and our country….

We deserve leaders who stand for principle, who unite us all behind shared values, who cast aside anger for love. That is the standard we should expect from everybody. And, to those listening, please don’t stay home in November.

If you love our country, and love our children as much as you do, stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom, and to be faithful to the constitution.

– See more at:

I don’t know who Ted Cruz will choose to vote for in November, but I think our choice is clear, especially after this week’s Republican National Convention – we must vote up and down the ticket for the Democratic candidates. We must turn the Senate blue, and change the PA state government before the Congressional lines are once more redrawn, in order to give the Democrats a chance at taking back the House of Representatives and more accurately reflect the voters in this state and this country. And, of course, we must elect Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald J. Trump.

Remember, every political race matters, from local government to county to state to national. You can make a difference, with your time (volunteering to make phone calls, register voters, deliver yard signs, etc), with your money (to candidates directly, or to groups like UPDC who are working on voter registration, voter information efforts, Get Out The Vote activities, and supporting local candidates), and most important of all, your vote in November.

If you’d like to donate to the Upper Perkiomen Democratic Club, or become a member for the low donation of $10, just send your check, made out to UPDC, to:
Box 283
Red Hill, PA 18076