East Greenville Community Day, September 9, 2017!

Unlike other states in our country, it looks like Pennsylvania will have sunny days and dry weather over the weekend. Which means, among other things, that the Upper Perkiomen Democratic Club will be setting up our Voter Registration Table first thing Saturday morning, September 9th, along Main Street in East Greenville (no, we don’t know exactly where – the borough likes to surprise us by assigning spots that day; probably between the borough hall and Art on Main). Look for the signs, bunting, canopy, and balloons – yes, we’ll be handing out blue balloons again this year, along with UPDC pens. We have voter registration forms (for your neighbor, friends, and relatives who meant to vote last year or just turned 18 or just moved into the area) and absentee ballot request forms. We also bought a dozen “Hate Has No Home Here” signs to give away tomorrow – first come, first serve!

Even though these are dark political times, it is important to let people know we aren’t going away and we are taking a stand for what we as a party and country believe in. And also remember, local elections matter! From school board to town supervisors to local and state judgeships to state races to House and Senate races to the White House – they all matter! So vote in November (and next year in the primaries and again in November 2018, and beyond!). And stop by the UPDC table between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday to say hi to our volunteers!

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